eva mendez on a bike

swoon. will you marry me eva? kthxbai.

first seen here.



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Drink Up!

Happy Christmas!!

catty surfer

totally gnarly claws.

probably my favorite thing of the decade

and you think i'm kidding?

i'm not. ;)


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ukelele love

there are few things more awesome than a ukelele. here are a few videos to share that show why:

the first was shared my by uke playing friend, the former iceskater.

these are two videos that my music friend crush, pilar diaz made. the first is demonstrating her love for her personal ukes (pink flying v anyone?!) along with a little bit of a history lesson. the second was made by texans for obama. (yes, i heard there were a few) for their campaign back a year and a presidency ago.

and meligrosa sent me this earlier this week. it's been making the rounds of the interwebs this week:

and to bring it back full circle to my uke playing iceskater friend, i was at her place one day when she was trying to learn "i'm yours" on the uke, and her roommate was on the guitar. FUN and cute.

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mayor of awesometown? rainn wilson himself:

@rainnwilson I'm officially announcing my candidacy for the mayor of Awesometown. Population? One. Me. The mayor.

collaborative animation effort

seen over at stevil's page:

jack bauer interrogates santa

a lady's guide to holiday parties...

this is very important, and a tad late, as we are in full swing of the holiday season. and please, remember that "dash" of gin...

(and yes, i'm a HUGE mad men fan...)

i have no idea how long the video embed will last as nbc & hulu are one and the same and will take things offline at will, but enjoy while you can!!!

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Baby's Got Back

I love the attempt at mimicry! Kids are so much more tuned in than we give them credit for!

blogs thare are awesome

my friend, dramaticflamingo, has a new blog that is pretty awesome.


past entries include: cheese and crackers, bar of chocolate and breakfast cereal.

a preview of the awesomeness in there:

1 box of crackers
1 wedge of hard or medium-hard cheese

1. Open box of crackers using method described for cereal box in breakfast cereal.
2. Place 3-4 crackers per person for a snack or 15-20 crackers per person for a meal on a platter or individual plates.
3. Extract cheese from paper or plastic wrapping by unwrapping cheese and removing from wrapping.
4. Using a knife, cut cheese into long flat pieces, then cut those pieces into shorter pieces that will fit somewhat neatly on a cracker. (see notes on cheese pieces, below)
5. As cheese pieces are ready, place on prepared crackers.
6. May be held at cool room temperature for an hour.

Recipe serves 1-12
it is very tongue in cheek. cheeky is what we do best!

see a guest post from me soon :)

What Did He Say?

Have you had a yellow goat today?

You Put The Squid In The Coconut

Mammals like to think they are the top of the evolutionary ladder. The BBC is kind enough to show us vertebrates that we are not all that after all.

Octopus inside coconut (Roger Steene)
The octopuses use the coconuts as a shelter

awesome emails from friends

i am from texas. i currently live in california. i hear a lot of crap talking about texas over in this state. that is NOT awesome.

this email IS awesome:

from [awesome friend @ awesomeness.com]
to [awesome friend list]
dateSun, Dec 13, 2009 at 12:05 AM
subjectGo texas!

Im a californian and have never talked shit about texas. and i dont only love austin.
from buddy holly, to anne richards, to beyonce.
tricks of all trades. Go lone star, go!!

Meanwhile in Houston:

ROCK ON in your awesomeness texas.


This has been everywhere already. I don't care! It must be shared with the Universe!

merry holidays!!