blogs thare are awesome

my friend, dramaticflamingo, has a new blog that is pretty awesome.

past entries include: cheese and crackers, bar of chocolate and breakfast cereal.

a preview of the awesomeness in there:

1 box of crackers
1 wedge of hard or medium-hard cheese

1. Open box of crackers using method described for cereal box in breakfast cereal.
2. Place 3-4 crackers per person for a snack or 15-20 crackers per person for a meal on a platter or individual plates.
3. Extract cheese from paper or plastic wrapping by unwrapping cheese and removing from wrapping.
4. Using a knife, cut cheese into long flat pieces, then cut those pieces into shorter pieces that will fit somewhat neatly on a cracker. (see notes on cheese pieces, below)
5. As cheese pieces are ready, place on prepared crackers.
6. May be held at cool room temperature for an hour.

Recipe serves 1-12
it is very tongue in cheek. cheeky is what we do best!

see a guest post from me soon :)


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